Before the trip:

Cut your toenails & fingernails 1 week prior to your departure date. It would be terrible to cut your nails to the quick and have to walk around in pain…especially if you are doing any active sightseeing. Place this item on the calendar, it’s that important.

Create a scented spray to lower the stress of being away. I use an essential oil spray at home for several uses. Taking it on vacation adds a subtle and comforting reminder of home. My personal favorite doubles as a linen spray and light cologne. I mix 10 drops lavender, 5 drops patchouli, 3 drops eucalyptus, & 3 drops black pepper with distilled water into a spray bottle.

Watch some packing tip videos on Youtube. I prefer to roll my items. It cuts down on wrinkles and allows you to bring more items.

Bring a dedicated case or basket for dirty clothes. Since this is a longer car trip, I had a clothes basket in the back of my car. I place everything in there after it’s worn so that laundry is less of a chore. Each addition to the basket gets a few spritzes of the scented spray. It helps keep things fresh in the car.

On the trip:
Have fun. I’ve named my car Marcel. He’s named after Marcel the Snail. The snail carries their home on their back and in a similar way so did I. I’ve been taking photos of Marcel in various locales.

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